Stagecoach London

Stagecoach has adopted a Lugra Push to Talk radio solution to assist its drivers in communicating with each other, and its central depot.

With its transport network covering a huge swathe of the area within the M25, Stagecoach needed modern equipment that would be reliable enough to support each driver day-in, day out, with minimum interruption to journeys, and without distracting drivers from their duties.

It opted for Push to Talk equipment as a cost-effective solution with many of the convenient features of traditional radios.

Push to Talk Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Across the London area, Stagecoach has deployed a mixture of L300 and L350 Push to Talk devices that connect to the pre-existing mobile phone network to keep users in contact. The devices allow drivers to quickly contact each other, and the depot, without the need to make and receive telephone calls, program telephone numbers, or answer the phone while driving.

One of the benefits of Push to Talk devices is their versatility. Drivers can use the L300 or L350 in their vehicle as a phone if circumstances require it, but they also benefit from the simple ease of using Push to Talk during normal operations – much like a regular two way radio.

The devices also carry key features traditionally associated with two way radios, such as group calling and emergency calling.

For a transport company, GPS location tracking is another clear benefit. And because the majority of Stagecoach vehicles travel within areas with good cellular coverage, the system is also reliable over long distances.

Legal, Safe, and Reliable

Before Stagecoach adopted its new Lugra TASSTA communication system, its drivers were using consumer messaging systems to keep in touch. This meant that drivers had to pause their journeys to relay urgent information.

Now, it has realised the power and value of Push to Talk equipment that can be affixed to the vehicle to ensure the devices are not lost or stolen. Mobile vehicle mounts allow the radio to be affixed to an inconspicuous area, while drivers are issued with remote speaker microphones (RSMs) for true hands-free operation. This allows them to communicate immediately about incidents without stopping their vehicle.

For the company deploying the equipment, there is a simplified deployment process, since the Push to Talk system does not require a two way radio license.


Deploying Push to Talk in Your Business

Push to Talk communications are a logical choice for any company that needs to keep users in touch over a wide area at low cost. The system can even operate globally, while remaining entirely private.

If your business is looking for a versatile, cost effective communication system that is easy to deploy, Brentwood Communications would be pleased to talk you through the options available to your business.

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