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If you have purchased one of our radios from a Reseller and have any questions, please see our support section below.

If you have a query you cannot find the answer to below, please contact us and one of our team will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

User Guide: How do I turn my radio on?

The on and off knob is on the right hand side of the radio if you are looking at it.  To turn your radio on twist the knob clockwise, you will feel and hear a slight click.

User Guide: How do I turn the volume up?

The volume knob is the same as the on and off knob.  Once you have turned your radio on, use the same knob (turning in the same direction) to turn the volume up.

User Guide: How do I change the channel?

The Channel knob is next to the antenna, and next to the on/off/volume knob.  To use your radios it is important that the channel knob on each radio you intend to use is on the same channel.  To change the channel twist the knob in a clockwise direction.

Troubleshooting: My radio won't turn on?

Have you tried charging the battery?  If you have and it still don’t work.  Please charge and try another battery in that particular radio.  If it still don’t work, the radio may need replacing.  If it’s in warranty, please contact your dealer.  If it’s not in warranty please contact you dealer to request a replacement cost.  You can find a list of our resellers here.

Troubleshooting: Won't talk to the other radios

Please ensure the channel knobs on all the radios you are using are set to the same number.  Please also ensure the radio volume is turned up on each radio.

Troubleshooting: I can't receive communications from other radios on my radio.

Please ensure your volume is turned up and the channel knob (the knob next to the antenna) is set to the same channel as the radios you need to communicate with.

User Guide: How do I make a call?

In standby mode, ensure the channel is set to the same channel of the radio or radios you would like to communicate with.  Hold down the PTT (Push to talk) button on the side of the radio (the same side as the antenna), and begin talking.  Once you have finished release the PTT button.

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